Bringing the past alive
History is people.....

          People working.                   People laughing.                   People telling stories.
From the famous to the forgotten, the experiences of those who have gone before help make us
who we are and what we will be. The past informs and affects our present - and our future.

Through the medium of Drama and Living History we at Past Masters bring those people to you;
presenting the personal, the physical, the philosophical and even the funny aspects of times
gone-by. Our intention is to provide a dramatic, interactive, hands-on learning opportunity for
growing minds to taste that "foreign country", with its many differences - and sometimes
surprising similarities.
Bringing History to you.....

We base our approach on the principle that, as with a foreign country, to truly know history you
need to know the people who live there and to know how and why they
think, dress, eat or act
the way they do. Our interactive presentations of characters and stories,
along with examples of
artifacts and themed activities do just this.  

Designed to meet the requirements of History Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 of the curriculum,
our events go beyond the dates and broad brush-stokes to bring out the personal aspects and
drama of history; delving into the personal whys, hows and physical realities that bring our past
alive, giving an experience of times long gone that is guaranteed to spark interest and
enthusiasm in enquiring minds.

Our friendly, flexible, professional service is geared to adapt each event to meet your own
educational, business or home-tutoring needs; providing a unique interactive experience that is
exciting, hands-on and different
, while  avoiding the cost, disruption and risks of outside visits.

Please take a look at some of our
Themes, Theatre Workshops or Ancient Greek, Tudor and
 "Characters From History" to see what we have to offer and discover how we can
work with you to bring to your location not only a proven
teaching aid, but  a memorable event,
with facts and fun guaranteed to both educate and entertain....
STOP PRESS - 2014 Special Promotional Offer....

This year, and for a limited period only, we are offering new clients within a twenty mile radius
of our Brighton base here in Sussex a chance to book a special, introductory "taster" day  of
one of our Ancient Greek, Tudor and Medieval living history characters at a reduced rate of
less than £100.00. Please see our
Pricing page for details.

Past Masters -  Working with you, to bring the past alive
There is a history in all men's lives,
Figuring the nature of the times deceased,
The which observed, a man may prophesy,
With a near aim, of the main chance of things
As yet not come to life, which in their seeds
And weak beginnings lie intreasurèd.
(Henry 4th Part 2. 3.1.81)
"The Past is a foreign country; they do things differently there..."   L. P. Hartley
history brought to life by Sussex based specialists
Past Masters - Ideal for Key Stage 1 and 2 students